Wednesday, 3 August 2016

First new video in two months! And April rides the bull!

It seems that Spoony's Patreon's are getting bang for their buck, the first video in two months has been released! I mean is Noah on a roll or what? How does he keep up with all this hard work? And if you are wondering his Patreon has dropped to 1,500 burger dollars, which means he'll soon get desperate and selling out April to his creepy fans. Or himself if they swing that way.

Either he'll change his ways or he'll still be a money grabbing faggot, though I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Spoony actually began working a real job like a normal person. Because remember he has to pay for his mortgage, his living expenses, insurance, medical bills, taxes and all other shit like dragon dildo's. Heck we all have to pay for shit like that and Spoony "special snowflake" One isn't any different, so if any of you shitheads who are giving him money reading this then please stop indulging him. Anyway let's get to that stupid video he put out:

Fuck sake it's a stupid wrestling related video, and the worst thing is that Noah put effort into this 3 minute video when he could have easily done something else. Heck I'd rather listen to another counter monkey than this shit. It's like he's only seen Eurotrip now and thinks it's a fresh meme like the rest of those retards on 4chan. And now let's get to the Elephant in the room:

Jesus... dont even know where to start. I will point out that the word "commission" implies she paid someone to paint this. How the fuck does that conversation go... "Can you paint me having sex with this fictional character?" These two images are functionally the same thing. I kinda respect the brony more since at least his isn't sexual.... yet.

She also changed her hair color, uhm yay! Moving on:

And here's some stuff from DHI because even I'm too lazy for original content

Spoony just makes up a new disorder here and there when he needs to be the victim again, leaving a tweet saying "sry guyz. it was a bad month" before bitching about wrestling and/or trump again.

Gonna suck my own dick here for a moment and say yeeep, I was absolutely right. Although that's saying very little, I might as well have predicted the sky was blue and fire is hot.

aaaand a short while later

Here's the thing. If you have sleep apnea and you're with anyone else trust me, they're gonna fucking know. I was staying with a friend for a while and his mother had it and I am astonished nobody ever smothered her with a pillow. It's one of the most vile and disgusting sounds in the entire world and if him and April are actually sharing a bed or even on the same floor of a house she'd hear it. Oh wait, that'd assume that this disorder is read or, more amusingly, maybe they aren't even sleeping together anymore.

Speaking of bullshit

This fucking prick. Literally a few months ago he was complaining about night terrors but now it's been years since he had one? Get fucked.

Until next time.