Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Spoony One's Let's Play's are Terrible

I mean it, his let's plays are one of the most boring video's I have ever watched. Heck, even some of DSP's let's plays are miles more entertaining than Spoony's crap. Yeah, I went there. I mean they are almost unwatchable, mostly because it's pure gameplay footage with the occasional crappy "Spoony monologue". His sessions are also bloody too long , I mean who the hell wants to see Spoony play Metal Gear Solid 4 for SEVEN HOURS AND A HALF! It's in bold mother fuckers! And Spoony's engagement during the actual streaming is terrible because all he does is bitch and moan whenever people tell him how to play the game, he gets so salty because he can't stand criticism of any kind.

Yes, I went to google for that one. 
There's also a ton of ban's whenever he streams, they get banned because he either he doesn't like what they say or they insult him. Even I got banned because I asked when he would be doing another review, I mean it wasn't even harmful and it just shows that he can't stand to see his reflection in the mirror. Anyway, does anyone actually watch the full thing or just bits of it? Because if you sat through the entire stream then I think all hope is lost for you.