Saturday, 25 April 2015

B Fest 2015 Reviews (Part 1) - Creature With the Atom Brain

Five seconds in and they are talking about his dog pissing itself, an obvious reference to his actual internet career. Then we're off to him making terrible puns on what the "B" in B-Fest stands for, he goes for a shitty bees reference because that's comedic gold.

This is far different from his usual B-Fest video, as this time it seems that he's actually put lot's of effort into it. It's not just vlog this time, it's vlog with segments from the movie thrown in. It's actually very refreshing to see him do this, though that's not to say that some would rather prefer to see the video with the movie clips. He also thinks the Terminator has take stuff from this movie, because some guy kills people in a police station. Yeah, I see that he's still drinking mountain dew and eating doritos. Maybe that's why he's saying something that is really stupid, I'd make a reference but I doubt you want a political one. Though he actually seems kinda competent when getting his points across, when he isn't interrupting Miles that is. And he does his usual Jew antics by splitting the video into two parts, I'm guessing part two will be uploaded by the time we're all old men. Though all of Spoony's fanbase that are left are either die-hard fans, neckbeards, or just people with a casual interest.

Also notice how he hasn't even updated his patreon page in a while, though you can bet your ass that he still collects that paycheck at the end of every month. Anyway the video was better than his average shlock, but let's all not let up on his shitty release schedule. Which is every time there's a blue moon...

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

WrestleWrestle 3/31/15 - Wrestlemania 31 Parts 1-3

Now this really was long and boring, and it's best to use it as background noise unless you want to put yourself to sleep. He did say a lot of relevant stuff to say on Wrestlemania but it's far too much effort to actually list it all, so I'll try and keep it short.

  • They really try to get into the minds of how WWE works for some reason, saying that they could run it better. 
  • The banter between Spoony and April is just annoying, you can clearly see them take pot shots at each other
  • They fantasize about certain members being part of a de facto family, ie Triple H as the father and so on.
  • He said he told you the Sting match would suck and acts so righteous
  • April keeps bringing up her dad and how he's much better than Sting and looks like a viking
  • Spoony's Arnold impression did give me a chuckle
  • Spoony concentrates on talking about Triple H's ass, probably him being homo
  • At one point he totally forgot what he was talking about, he's probably not taking his medication
  • Then he talked about talk about Raw even though it's meant to be about Wrestlemania

I don't even know why I did a bullet point list, all you need to know is that the video sucked and isn't worth the watch. Either watch it yourself or get a professional's opinion, because Spoony is basically talking out of his ass as usual.