Wednesday, 18 February 2015

April cheat's on Spoony with Tyrone

Well it seems that April apparently is cheating on Spoony with Tyrone...uhm that black guy from one of Linkara's erotic fanfictions. How the heck is that even possible, did he magically jump out of the computer and have sex with April when Spoony wasn't looking...or was he?

I have looked high and low and can't find any concentrate evidence that this is even true, if any does have proof then show it. Unless it was just internet drama / trolling to begin with, though people have said she did delete her tweets so who knows. Maybe she did screw Linkara's fan fiction?

This is what she said on her Twitter.
And this is the guy who apparently started it.

The poor guys probably just making stuff up to get attention, and I can't blame him. His exercise video's haven't kicked off, tis a sad day indeed. Someone even went so far as to put the event on his Wikipedia page, citing this is the reason why he closed the comments section. This is four chan level of internet drama, and it's best to stay away from it unless you are actually a troll under the bridge. As the Archfiend (Archfag) would always say, have a nice day everyone.

Here's some links to the thread the cheating was mentioned in.

Massacre at Central High (Part 2)

After the last good video Spoony One, he once again disappoints us with a mediocre video. And taking into consideration that this video was meant to be out a couple of days later when it actually came out a week later. Even though he probably filmed both parts at the same but he probably thought that splitting it in two would make more money and video views. We can hereby conclude that he's a bloody idiot, if you didn't already know that.

Lets get to the actual video, its okay but you can tell he's starved for ideas since most of his jokes were lackluster. He also hammers in the "Spoony" character like its fucking comedic gold, that and he acts like that is him. His ego, drink and probably drug problems shine through as you can clearly see him acting like a complete retard while retaining a shred of dignity, if at all. And what the hell am I even saying, the video's bad and what more can I really say? You want a well thought out analysis of everything he said, go ask Linkara or one of his dick sucking fanboys. I'm outta here.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Massacre at Central High (Part 1)

It's about time Spoony released a proper video, and boy is he back in fashion. Well, except for the half terrible sketch with doctor insano, where he pokes fun at himself for being so lazy. Hardy har har, he also is still doing that stupid Jew Wario memorial thing in his video. Now let's get to the actual video, it isn't that bad. He does manage to get a lot of funny jokes here and there, and it seems he actually put some effort into making this video. He deserves props for that, among other things. All in all, a good video so go and check it out.

But don't worry, Part two is only a few days away. Except he still hasn't released it, I bet you my two front teeth that he's already got the video completed. But want's to stretch out his video release's so he can be even more lazy. Why do people give money to him again?

Since he hasn't even bothered to put the video on his patreon account, the only place I could find comments about the video was the DeadHorse. God, that place is like 4chan.

Yeah, the video was alright and the skit did go on too long.

I wouldn't be surprised if he actually did that.

Oh great, they're all fantasizing about Spoony. I'm scared now.

The video is meant to shut up people complaining, not attract new viewers.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Counter Monkey – Where Have All the Lawful Goods Gone?

Wow, for once Spoony One is actually making some sense. If you can actually get through his ramblings he does bring up good points about the different character types. It's nice to see him put some thought into making a video for once instead of going on a wild tangent about something stupid, but this doesn't excuse him from being extremely lazy with his video output while still getting just under 5000 dollars from his Patreon account. Even though he did remove comments from his YouTube and his own website, those on Patreon can still comment on his posts. Let's have a look.

Yeah, Spoony put this video put a week early for Patreon members.

He'll just ban you like he does to everyone on Twitter.

Um, good point...I guess.

I doubt Spoony One could even comprehend that.