Sunday, 29 November 2015

Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie

While not entirely Angry (Unlimited Peso's) Joe or Spoony (Noah the Jew) One or even Cinema (Bald Bastard) Snob related, I had to make a post about it because apparently people think it's worth talking about. Yes the retard himself (Linkara) actually went to the effort of making a shitty movie, and boy oh boy did he use that 60 thousand dollars wrong. I also haven't actually seen the movie since I'm not stupid enough to actually watch more than 10 seconds at a time, sorry DHI.

But at least we got this funny image, right?  Anyway this movie is the perfect example of how not to be Linkara, for 60k multiple movies could have been made on a shoestring budget and probably returned some money if done properly. Heck, I could have made a professional movie with high production values with that amount of money, it wouldn't be a le ebin science fiction epik but it would be better than this crap fest.

Get a load of this autistic faggot defending himself like the nasty cock slut he is.

Oh and I'm waiting for the inevitable time Linkara comes here to defend himself, because we all know he's the type of person who googles himself. And you know what I think about this entire "movie"?

Word to the wise. 
And at the end of the day who the fuck seriously cares about any of this? I have hard enough of a time giving a shit about anyone of these internet nobodies, and anybody who actually watched the entire thing might as well be a nasty cock slut themselves. Whatever, I'm out of here. Now get the fuck off my site you nasty cock slut.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Spoony One at Shadocon

Well apparently the big nosed fellow himself actually went to Shadocon, probably because he was paid money to go and meet his "fans", I highly doubt he would have went otherwise. Anyway he was apparently really nice to everyone and talked about all kinds of stuff, shame he was fucking too lazy to even record anything for his "fans" to watch online. No screw those guys you have to travel to meet the Lord and Saviour himself, he can go and get royally screwed by Buffalo Bill for all I care. Laters......

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Counter Monkey – What’s an Anti-Paladin?

Ahhhh, god fucking damn it, why the hell does he keep doing these. I literally have no clue what the hell he's talking about, it's like totally random, I bet you he's making this up all on the spot after taking a look at the book. Well, that's what you would think if you couldn't make sense of Spoony's rambling. But if you are insane like me, then you'd understand that Spoony does know what he's talking about. Wut? What insanity is this? Complementing Noah the Jew himself? Yes, but whatever it's just another Counter Monkey video and you know what to expect based on the title of the video. Watch or don't watch, and be sure to make sure Spoony hears all your problems on his Twitter or his Patreon account. Whatever, I'm out of here, later.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Did Spoony One back up all his video's after Blip's downfall?

To save you from reading a long post, the answer is fucking NO! There are huge freaking holes on his website and you can't even watch a lot of his old video's, the video's are either gone or he hasn't mirrored/updated his website with the new uploads. But this is Noah we are talking about, he won't do anything unless Twitter shuts down or people stop giving him money on his Patreon account. News at 11. What do you guys think about this?

WrestleWrestle – Night of Champions (2015)

Well, Spoony is looking more healthy so we can rule out his health stopping him from making proper videos. Though the real reason he's so freaking lazy is because he realized that retards on the internet can rake in thousands of dollars for doing fucking nothing, ie: Patreon. April the anime character changed her hair color again, looks like she's searching for an identity, hiooooooo! Let me remind you that this video is 1 hour and 10 mins long, just like every vlog type video it's tedious as fuck. And for some weird reason they like Neville, even though he's been bad since he moved from NXT. Though Spoony does make a good "feed me roids" joke, I'll give him that.

He also has some weird obsession with Naomi's butt, he keeps mentioning that she hits you in the face with her ass over and over. At one point April makes good point about characters being ruined when they move to raw, which is true. But overall both of them are pretty worthless as it's two plebs sitting on a couch talking about wrestling when they should be doing better things.

In other news:
Counter Monkey – 3d6 in Order

  • He calls the audience cowards

Asshole Spoony is asking for it at this point, ddos and swat his house now or the poverty ghost will get you.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Spoony One's Let's Play's are Terrible

I mean it, his let's plays are one of the most boring video's I have ever watched. Heck, even some of DSP's let's plays are miles more entertaining than Spoony's crap. Yeah, I went there. I mean they are almost unwatchable, mostly because it's pure gameplay footage with the occasional crappy "Spoony monologue". His sessions are also bloody too long , I mean who the hell wants to see Spoony play Metal Gear Solid 4 for SEVEN HOURS AND A HALF! It's in bold mother fuckers! And Spoony's engagement during the actual streaming is terrible because all he does is bitch and moan whenever people tell him how to play the game, he gets so salty because he can't stand criticism of any kind.

Yes, I went to google for that one. 
There's also a ton of ban's whenever he streams, they get banned because he either he doesn't like what they say or they insult him. Even I got banned because I asked when he would be doing another review, I mean it wasn't even harmful and it just shows that he can't stand to see his reflection in the mirror. Anyway, does anyone actually watch the full thing or just bits of it? Because if you sat through the entire stream then I think all hope is lost for you.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

WrestleWrestle 7/21/15 - Battleground 2015

Jesus Christ vs Rawhead Rex, this video is almost as long as Battleground itself, it's literally autism itself. And AHHHH!! What the hell is that red explosion sitting beside Spoony, is that meant to be April's next look or something, people who change their hair color are only searching for an identity (special snowflake doesn't count) because they have none. I know how much of an asshole I sound like when I say that, but it's true and you know it. Rant aside, let's get to his actual video.

Spoony talking about how the wrestling's are literally fucking themselves, and two different fans did parts of his intro, showing again that he can't do anything himself with autism overload. I was actually going to write more but I can't be bothered to actually watch more than twenty minutes of this video, and if you actually did watch more than that or the full thing, the same message below applies to you.

There's only one thing I can say about Spoony at this point:

Seriously if you are going to watch it use adblock if don't already, better yet, just listen to viper and kill urself my man.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Counter Monkey – An Entirely Miscible Episode

Apparently this story he's telling this time is from when Spoony was 10 years old, remember that because he'll repeat it over and over because it was so damn funny the first time. I doubt this story even happened the way it did because how the hell can he remember how the story happened when he was 10 years old when it happened. Did he look back in time through a magic mirror? Did he borrow Linkara's time machine powered by Tyrone? Suffice to say, he's making up the entire thing.

Also apparently this is a "historic story" because it was during his first month into playing D&D with his brother and friends, and I wonder where they are all now, they're probably the drug dealers and doctors that keep the vessel known as Noah Antwiler alive, or most likely dead from being exposed to Spoony. Now let's get to what he named his character, he named him Lance Stormshield, wait for the laughter track, it'll come, has it come yet? That's basically the entire video, everything goes in one ear and out another because it's what you expect from the usual Counter Monkey. Peace out. Seriously only faggots and pseudo hipsters say that shit.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

19/07/2015 - Twitter Madness

Jesus, keeping track on the non-insane stuff on Spoony's Twitter sure is taxing, if not downright bonkers. There's literally so much stuff that even a brief summary would be pages, I'll be driven insane if I ever look at Spoony's Twitter again. Let's enjoy the suffering together.

There's tons more of this btw, Spoony is such a nerd. The kind that makes rape jokes.

He can't even do video games and he thinks he can cover politics.

Fuck me hard! He literally did over 50 jokes about the one fucking image, I'm serious, go over to his twitter and you'll see over 50 of these fucking images.

Insert your own joke here.

Vlog when? Oh wait he's got autism, leave him alone guys.

Can he get more retarded? 

This is only true if he's using windows 98, and I doubt it takes over a day to render a monkey sitting in front of a camera. 

Fuck this shit. #Killmenow

Who here is actually reading this shit?

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Counter Monkey - BABOON!!!

Another counter monkey, wake me up when it's an actual video worth watching. And for being a counter monkey, it's hard to tell if this even happened in the first place. Because it seems like he's pulling this story out of his ass. First of all he talks about his group doing random things such as getting pummeled by gorillas, splitting up and getting killed. Okay, but I need some questions answered:

  • When did this story happen
  • Who was he playing with
  • Where did this take place

Seriously, I highly doubt anything he says even happened. And he keeps shouting "don't split the party" like it was a punchline, yeah a shit one. Don't bother watching this one unless it's for background noise.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

12/07/2015 - Spoony's Twitter Madness

It thought it was about time to give Spoony the Twitter Madness treatment, let the show begin. I just can't stand that he posts about random comic shit, it's like there's some sad part of him that believes he's actually doing something constructive. And there's so much shit on his Twitter that it will be hard to cover, so I'll only be posting bits and pieces.

It's time to feel sorry for Spoony. It's time to shed man tears!

Holey moley, this is like something an insane guy would say.

I don't think anybody's listening Noah. 

Stop being a party pooper.

I refuse to believe this.

Don't forget that rape charge Spoony, we can't forget about that.

How can he call himself a WWE fan when he doesn't watch Smackdown?

This guy is one of Spoony's dick suckers, he's always there for his senpai when he needs to be blowed.

Check it out, Spoony's trying to hide his inner furry.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Spoony One's New House Costed 230,000

Someone over one the DeadHorseInterchangeable found out that Spoony spent 230,000 on his new house, and where the address of said house is. He probably saved up all that Patreon money to make a down payment.

And because since I'm an asshole and Spoony has this coming to him, I'll be posting his address and phone number below:

You can find the information here:

Have at him internet, send him to Hades. Or maybe we should swat his ass just like DSP, I'm looking at you 4chan, get on it.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Spoony One Tries Let's Plays

To date, Spoony One has done five live streams all of which are multiple hours long. Whether you would watch this is up to you, but one thing you can't ignore is that Noah is using this type of content instead of actually working on a video. I highly doubt his recent live streams of Final Fantasy 13-2 is gonna increase the chance of a review coming anytime soon, in fact it only gives him more reasons to be even more lazy and force people to donate and subscribe to his Patreon account for making the review get released. And if you thought that was bad you'd like to know that Spoony hasn't even bothered to update his website or Patreon page, mostly likely because he already knows how much people hate his guts and the realization that said people would hate his guts even more if they knew he was making more crap content.

Yeah, I bet Spoony makes that face everytime he realizes his Patreon money is going down. 
Another thing I'd like to mention is that these let's plays are terrible, mostly because he barely talks and anytime he does talk it's either him bitching/moaning about his inability to play a video game or him banning someone. With Noah's reputation at an all time low he shouldn't be doing this unless he wants people to hate his ass anymore, I really wish he would stop doing this (and making shitty videos) because it's just sad at this point. In fact, he should take his ass off the internet because he's a fucking blight that needs to be removed.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

B-Fest 2015 Reviews (Part 3) - Frogs

Man, this video is terrible to watch. It's literally Spoony nitpicking the shit out of the movie, and it's just sad to watch. Because it just shows you how much of a dysfunctional piece of shit that he really is. He also adds a frog counter, because he did that before and it was hilarious then, right? I know Spoony probably put lots of effort (or lack thereof) into the production of this video but it just falls flat as the video is shit tier level at best. Why are you still here, the video sucks so leave.

Screw you , Spoony.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Noah & April see Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

It's been ages since he put up a movie vlog, literally 11 months ago. That's almost a fucking year, this guy is such a deadbeat. I'm crying tears of joy right now because his patreon money is finally dropping a significant level. It took them 18 minutes to cover the trailers, you know there's something wrong when it takes them that long. This video is almost as long as the movie itself, when it's that long you already know what's wrong. The video is long and boring, but if you got to the end you'll be rewarded with an awkward scene of Spoony making a suggestive sexual remark towards April. Spoony said he'd show April his "little Jarvis". Jesus, these video's are going to be the death of me. Or you for that matter, stop watching this guy.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

B-Fest 2015 Reviews (Part 2) - Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn

Spoony looks like he's on dope, his eye movements are so sluggish that me must be either drugged on drunk. Probably both considering this is Spoony, he probably snorts coke off his dogs ass for all we know. But anyway let's get to the actual video, which is awesome by the way. Even though he nitpicks and rants about steaming goo, it's still Spoony doing what he does best. I wish he did more video's like this, it's much more refreshing than anything he or anyone else on TGWTG has done in a while. And to make it even better, Miles is here. When spoony recreates the speeder bike scene you can tell his brother isn't having any of it. The look on his face is worth the price of admission alone, if you payed to watch this that is.

The video is great and has lots of nice references throughout the video, the only downside is that he took so long to release the video and doesn't give a shit about his fans other than when he needs his drug money. Anyway, what did you think about the video.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

B Fest 2015 Reviews (Part 1) - Creature With the Atom Brain

Five seconds in and they are talking about his dog pissing itself, an obvious reference to his actual internet career. Then we're off to him making terrible puns on what the "B" in B-Fest stands for, he goes for a shitty bees reference because that's comedic gold.

This is far different from his usual B-Fest video, as this time it seems that he's actually put lot's of effort into it. It's not just vlog this time, it's vlog with segments from the movie thrown in. It's actually very refreshing to see him do this, though that's not to say that some would rather prefer to see the video with the movie clips. He also thinks the Terminator has take stuff from this movie, because some guy kills people in a police station. Yeah, I see that he's still drinking mountain dew and eating doritos. Maybe that's why he's saying something that is really stupid, I'd make a reference but I doubt you want a political one. Though he actually seems kinda competent when getting his points across, when he isn't interrupting Miles that is. And he does his usual Jew antics by splitting the video into two parts, I'm guessing part two will be uploaded by the time we're all old men. Though all of Spoony's fanbase that are left are either die-hard fans, neckbeards, or just people with a casual interest.

Also notice how he hasn't even updated his patreon page in a while, though you can bet your ass that he still collects that paycheck at the end of every month. Anyway the video was better than his average shlock, but let's all not let up on his shitty release schedule. Which is every time there's a blue moon...

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

WrestleWrestle 3/31/15 - Wrestlemania 31 Parts 1-3

Now this really was long and boring, and it's best to use it as background noise unless you want to put yourself to sleep. He did say a lot of relevant stuff to say on Wrestlemania but it's far too much effort to actually list it all, so I'll try and keep it short.

  • They really try to get into the minds of how WWE works for some reason, saying that they could run it better. 
  • The banter between Spoony and April is just annoying, you can clearly see them take pot shots at each other
  • They fantasize about certain members being part of a de facto family, ie Triple H as the father and so on.
  • He said he told you the Sting match would suck and acts so righteous
  • April keeps bringing up her dad and how he's much better than Sting and looks like a viking
  • Spoony's Arnold impression did give me a chuckle
  • Spoony concentrates on talking about Triple H's ass, probably him being homo
  • At one point he totally forgot what he was talking about, he's probably not taking his medication
  • Then he talked about talk about Raw even though it's meant to be about Wrestlemania

I don't even know why I did a bullet point list, all you need to know is that the video sucked and isn't worth the watch. Either watch it yourself or get a professional's opinion, because Spoony is basically talking out of his ass as usual.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

WrestleWrestle 3/8/15 Parts 1-3

Well if you actually made it through almost four hours of Spoony talking about wrestling, then congratulations. If not then boo! For ye shall be forced to read doth article......

First of all if you actually listen to what Spoony says, he actually knows what he's talking about. People say he's off his kite but there's none of that here, it's one guys opinion and it really does shine through making lots of sense. Though there's the little things that irk you, going on rants from time to time in the video's are annoying but you must have really thin skin if you can't handle it. Especially if you've been with spoony for a while now, and I don't really have much complaints about the video's other than he too bloody forever to even put out a video. Even with him moving house he was still being lazy, that and he's being getting thousands on Paetron and we haven't seen any improvement in his video output. Other than that, the video's are alright and you should really make up your own mind instead of expecting me to shit all over the guy. Also, new day suck ass!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

April cheat's on Spoony with Tyrone

Well it seems that April apparently is cheating on Spoony with Tyrone...uhm that black guy from one of Linkara's erotic fanfictions. How the heck is that even possible, did he magically jump out of the computer and have sex with April when Spoony wasn't looking...or was he?

I have looked high and low and can't find any concentrate evidence that this is even true, if any does have proof then show it. Unless it was just internet drama / trolling to begin with, though people have said she did delete her tweets so who knows. Maybe she did screw Linkara's fan fiction?

This is what she said on her Twitter.
And this is the guy who apparently started it.

The poor guys probably just making stuff up to get attention, and I can't blame him. His exercise video's haven't kicked off, tis a sad day indeed. Someone even went so far as to put the event on his Wikipedia page, citing this is the reason why he closed the comments section. This is four chan level of internet drama, and it's best to stay away from it unless you are actually a troll under the bridge. As the Archfiend (Archfag) would always say, have a nice day everyone.

Here's some links to the thread the cheating was mentioned in.

Massacre at Central High (Part 2)

After the last good video Spoony One, he once again disappoints us with a mediocre video. And taking into consideration that this video was meant to be out a couple of days later when it actually came out a week later. Even though he probably filmed both parts at the same but he probably thought that splitting it in two would make more money and video views. We can hereby conclude that he's a bloody idiot, if you didn't already know that.

Lets get to the actual video, its okay but you can tell he's starved for ideas since most of his jokes were lackluster. He also hammers in the "Spoony" character like its fucking comedic gold, that and he acts like that is him. His ego, drink and probably drug problems shine through as you can clearly see him acting like a complete retard while retaining a shred of dignity, if at all. And what the hell am I even saying, the video's bad and what more can I really say? You want a well thought out analysis of everything he said, go ask Linkara or one of his dick sucking fanboys. I'm outta here.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Massacre at Central High (Part 1)

It's about time Spoony released a proper video, and boy is he back in fashion. Well, except for the half terrible sketch with doctor insano, where he pokes fun at himself for being so lazy. Hardy har har, he also is still doing that stupid Jew Wario memorial thing in his video. Now let's get to the actual video, it isn't that bad. He does manage to get a lot of funny jokes here and there, and it seems he actually put some effort into making this video. He deserves props for that, among other things. All in all, a good video so go and check it out.

But don't worry, Part two is only a few days away. Except he still hasn't released it, I bet you my two front teeth that he's already got the video completed. But want's to stretch out his video release's so he can be even more lazy. Why do people give money to him again?

Since he hasn't even bothered to put the video on his patreon account, the only place I could find comments about the video was the DeadHorse. God, that place is like 4chan.

Yeah, the video was alright and the skit did go on too long.

I wouldn't be surprised if he actually did that.

Oh great, they're all fantasizing about Spoony. I'm scared now.

The video is meant to shut up people complaining, not attract new viewers.