Monday, 29 September 2014

Wrestle! Wrestle! Night of Champions 2014 - Part 1

Spoony staring off screen to his fluffer
Spoony ranted for a long time so to save you reading blocks of text I'll summarize it and put it into bullet points. But just remember to "beware the humidity".

What did we learn:
  • Spoony has good Internet
  • Canada has bad Internet
  • It was a bad pay per view
  • You paid 55 dollars for this shit
  • Buy the WWE Network
  • Spoony has problems with John Cena
  • John Cena has rejuvenate properties 
  • John Cena is hatched from cloning Tanks (Just liked Solid Snake)
  • Get Eva Marie out of the ring (It's on the network)
  • It's only 9.99
  • Spoony thinks that he knows how to run the WWE
  • Spoony was considering buying an album
  • He said Gusto, who the hell even uses that word (besides anime characters)
  • April apparently watches Wrestling with Noah
  • Spoony saw the Miz and Dolph Ziggler's ass crack
Now wasn't that easy to read, well now you can go through the YouTube comments so you can torture yourself some more. That's if you survived watching the entire video, it's like a drinking game except it physically hurts. And I wonder what's on that page he's holding, it's not his grocery list but it could be a list of expenditures for his living expenses. Which is probably written down as "these idiots actually pay me almost 5 grand a month". Verdict: Use the video for background noise.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Black Hole of Board Games – Power Slam VCR Wrestling

Wait, what, Spoony One released a new video! Oh wait it's a shitty black hole of board games video and it's about a wrestling one, oh joy. It's time again for another rambling shit storm that he calls a video, and out of all the board games he could have chosen he picked a subject he has already covered, why couldn't he have chosen the Star Trek or the Wayne's World VCR game. They are much better material to work with and probably would have been funny video's if he chose them but no he had to go for the mundane and idiotic.

April-chan is not amused.
He starts off the video in his own little world where his script becomes reality, in layman's terms, amateur hour. Oh and April appears because she's a part of the "show" now, that and it gives the fan boys another thing to fap over besides Spoony. After the opening part he then plays the intro with updated clips which is more entertaining than this entire video, it takes him a minute and a half to actually start talking about the game. The rest of the video is him explaining how the game works and making rather shitty jokes, this video may not be the best but it's far better than those stupid counter monkey videos. And for some reason he's now watermarking his video's with his website link for some reason, probably trying to avoid copyright strikes or something like that. He does get hung up on the pronunciation of suplex which the announcer was saying as su-play because old people are stupid like that, boy does he like to rant because that's what he thinks his fanbase wants.
Though there is one thing that he does right and that's the appearance of the Wyatt family from wrestling fame, this is the kind of stuff he should be doing and not messing the fanbase around. I mean what's wrong with a medieval knight holding him hostage to make him do a counter monkey, you know tying in the very thing you are reviewing into your video. Anyway time for some glorious YouTube comments:

That's probably because she is.
You see I'm not the only one who wants him to do a video on the Star Trek tape.
I know, the lazy bastard!
I wonder what the hell he's gonna review next, it better not be another wrestling vcr game because he's taking forever making a video for Final Fantasy 13-2.