Saturday, 26 October 2013

Let’s Play SWAT 4 – Mission #15: Olympic Manhunt

A hilarious video from Spoony, it was really funny and I loved the gay jokes against Russia and the Sochi games. My favourite joke in this video was they attack from behind...... get it because they ram stuff up your bum. I guess spoony doesn't like what Russia is doing against gay faggots even thought it's against gay propaganda and not gays themselves but the media will twist it into what they want to believe anyway. The title of the video is lets play even though this isn't a lets play but somebody said in the comments that he played the mission for hours and kept dying all the time so you can understand why he never posted it on his site.
Overall you should check this video out as you'll get a good laugh, does this video really make up for the last one though. I'd say yes and no because the last was dead air and why did he continue a years dead lets play. That was really stupid of him but I guess the fans demanded it, hurry up and edit that new video you took footage of because I don't want any more let's plays.

Video Link

Spoony Moving House
Also if you didn't already know spoony is moving out of his brothers house into his blue haired anime character girlfriends house, normally I don't comment on his personal life but this time it's different. He is moving out of the scenes we already know and the backgrounds will be different in his new video's, it will also take him more time to put out a new video because he has to get everything set up again.

Spoony's Twitter and More
Spoony complaining again
It's odd that a bullet hit through spoony's anime character girlfriends window.
Spoony one has been having some problems with his Sony Vegas as seen below.
Probably pirated it like the Irate Gaymer.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Black Hole of Board Games – Gone Birding!

Not a real proper video due to the short length as it's more of a send-off telling us that he is going to be returning back to and I quote.

"Don’t worry folks; that’s the last of the boring board games. It’s back to the business of modern bullshit."

Yes you guessed it and from his twitter feed it seems that he will be returning to finish FF13.... about fucking time. You do know that he stopped in May and it's now October, that was 5 months ago so you can see how lazy he really is but he is returning so that's good.
This video was ok as there isn't much to see, just him acting like an idiot for 12 minutes. The video starts with Brian (Cinema Snobs friend) or his "Characters" name Travis Crabtree bringing spoony the board game in question, Brian walks off with the stupid song from 80's Dan playing and then spoony chases after him because spoony will have to torment himself with the game...... no anything but that. 
Why the hell does he have a pool table at the front door, it's just stupid and a waste of space yet he still complains that Mitt Romney...... yes my buddy Mitt Romney should give him a car even though spoony lives in a very nice looking middle class neighbourhood. 
Mitt for President
I mean seriously look at this place yet his still complains, grow up spoontard.
In the video spoony shouts "show us your tits"..... and he wonders why people call him a misogynist but his defence would be that he was bored.
Nice O Face spoony
He takes his dog for a walk and we see more "Story" for the corrupted Burton Storyline, we see a red star in the sky and god is this stupid. I mean seriously who cares about story, makes as much sense as porn with story but people do that anyway, spoony say's "what the hell is that" but I know what it is. He can now see the death star and Kenshiro will come to deliver some Hokuto Shinken on his ass, now wouldn't that be awesome.
Sigh..... does he even deserve all these titles.
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Spoony comments on Brad's and Doug's Sharknado Review
Spoony is also moving oh noes, also I guess we expect the next FF13 part soon.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Black Hole of Board Games – Justin Bieber: Always Be Mine

Well this was quick since his last but it's just them playing the game for 1 hour 30 minutes, didn't even bother to watch it as it would have been boring so I'll just update you on what's been happening on spoony's twitter. Before that brad jones aka Cinema snob and his friend brian was also in this video so yay I guess, spoony put in the description that this and I quote.

"Technically, this is an unofficial, out-of-continuity episode of the series, as this particular fan donation does not come with a video of any sort!"

Yes because we are all so interested in this barley evident corrupted video Burton storyline spoony and yes he also said continuity....... dear lord. He will probably never get around to any of the board games that make up his intro, he's a lazy bum. Also just because the song in the intro has the lyrics black hole means he can use it. Spoony tried to upload to youtube but got slammed with tons of copyright even for his older videos, now he can't even upload videos more than 15 minutes long. Youtube sucks now.

Video Link

Twitter Updates
As you may know spoony is sick, he has bronchitis and has been coughing up a new colour he has called phlorange. Because of this he is angry and has been an ass on his twitter to his fans like usual, anything but Spoony One our god can't be sick. Quickly now everyone get money together to pay for his obamacare medical bills.
He got angry and somebody said this and Like he needs an excuse...... why is he always a dick head.
What the hell is wrong with him.

Spoony tweets about games being sold on other website such as good old games, I hate those guys.

He has also been ranting on Final Fantasy 13 again, doesn't the moron ever quit.  He say's the the games datalog isn't even referenced ingame..... sigh because just name me a game that references the encyclopaedia if it has one because Mass Effect doesn't and why would it be mentioned ingame. It's for the player and not the games characters you idiot.

Scary fan art incoming, damn im gonna have nightmares later on. Dear god the face, we all know he bleeds his dogs ass anyhow, what you all were thinking it.
Ugh spoony and his gay faggot face, now there's two gay faggots in this picture.
And now we all can see from where spoony got his nickname from.
Spoony got owned so hard on twitter the other day, just read this. Spoony's response was a bit harsh pulling a poor card, so what does the shit head look down on people less off. Him and his fancy lifestyle living off internet ad revenue in his middle class home, does any of his revenue go to tax the cheap bastard.
And the last one, didn't know spoony was into that sort of thing. Bestiality and all.