Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Black Hole of Board Games – VCR Wrestlemania Game

A good funny video from Spoony unlike the Cinema Snob lately, even Linkara's are better than his and that say's something. The fans voted and they choose a wrestling board game, hmm I wish he did the star trek board game though as that would have been more funny. He tells us that you probably though it would have been like the other board games where you have someone to tell you what to do but no, sadly this one is stock footage of wrestling matches. Forgot he had an intro for this and it could be better, it's ok I guess. 13k people and change voted for this so that's ok for his fanbase after what's happened to him over the years.

During the course of the video spoony's "characters" appear and it's hilarious, you gotta watch this. He uses them to poke fun at himself, the Ultimate warrior tells spoony did you know there's a highlander movie. The Iron Sheik complains to spoony that he used to respect him but all he does now is counter monkey, yea I complain about that too. Yea spoony you just ridicule those who criticise you, asshole. Iron Sheik also tells him about the Final Fantasy and how he wants to fuck him in the ass...... ok weird. Overall this is a good funny video from spoony, yea I know this is the sucks blog but I have to tell you when his video's are funny and when they are not.

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Meanwhile on Spoony's Twitter
No matter what I say about him you have to give him respect for this, someone tried to state a fact that it happens everywhere but does that mean it's ok then. I can see how stating a fact could be misinterpreted as a defence but who the hell defends gang rapes unless your Japanese.

I know they are joking but this isn't something to joke about. Unless your a gay faggot that is (points to spoony and brad). Somebody also said that they'd prefer spoony and linkara but that's just sick, what's wrong with this world.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Let’s Fap With Benzaie & Spoony – Live

Have they no dignity or shame reviewing a Japanese hentai porn game, what's next rapeman or legend of the overfiend. That set aside the video was hilarious, they start off by asking if they checked people at the doors for age since they will be playing a Japanese porn game. They also say that if you want a copy of the game you can buy one from the Yaoi seller..... so a seller of gay manga/anime materials also sells porn games that feature straight sex that isn't aimed at gays but straights? This confuses me but it's Japan and they get up to all sick depraved things. Benzaie say's he will do the male voices and Spoony will do the female voices..... ok creepy. I really don't want to hear spoony talking about sucking Benzaie's dick, just hope they don't act it out.

They do well doing voices for the game as it's hilarious, had a good laugh listening to spoony voicing the cat god. Just look at the main menu, it's all like ho ho fun but it's a porn game and you can't really tell by the main menu. Benzaie said that he has played the game for 50 hours, he also made sure to save the game at certain points so he can jump ahead in the story for the convention. Spoony pretends to lick Benzaie and there's alot of odd movements among them throughout the video so be sure to watch them as well as the video they show.
In the game they are at a restaurant and Benzaie asks spoony to do a cartoony voice for the woman, he does voices from the Muppet's and it's really funny. The frog and the woman pig thing, spoony comments on the woman's design and say's my breasts are bigger than my head. Benzaie voices the lead comically waving his hands in the air at times, overall the first part is really funny but sadly the second video doesn't hold up as much.
The second video starts and a naked cat girl appears, Spoony goes whoa and the crowd laughs. This video was funny but not as much as the first, it's mostly due to the weirdness of watching them doing dialogue over a blowjob scene. It's not funny just creepy, he also didn't upload these to YouTube and I don't blame him but they are censored so he could get away with it. You can just tell Benzaie edited the video and the baguette just gives it away, spoony had to do even less work now. The baguette is also kinda low res so he could have made improvements there, he also keeps it on screen even when there isn't any nudity which shows that he was lazy in the editing process.
It seems that both of them are having fun with this and so does the crowd, more people are in this crowd than a Linkara live show by far except these guy know when to shut the fuck up, Benzaie keeps going oh Mikan when she asks for the main characters Milk and you know what she means by that.
Yes laugh you sick fucks, what's with these guys..... oh wait misyongists. I don't really like listening to spoony's slurping, who knows maybe he's a gay bastard or cross dresser. Benzaie starts goofing around, is it me or is he funnier than spoony one. Hey lets check out what he has done...... oh the sick fuck. So he was the one who reviewed Rapelay on TGWTG, I know he's French but this is too much.
I don't like this guy anymore, you do know what Rapelay is. It's a rape simulator game from Japan which really sickens me, you'd think it was bad enough that it exists but this prick had to go and review it for comedic purposes. Ah yes raping women is just so hilarious, im pretty sure they do that at stand up comedy routines all the time. He describes the game as a tic tac, you open them up and pass them around your friends. What are they both misogynists now and Benzaie reviews games like that for a living as he has done much more which just say's something about him mentally, what kind of people even play Japanese porn games. They'd be obsess with rape and sex like some retard Japanese guy who fucks his anime pillows, Japan's a really messed up country and that's an understatement. What did he do with the game anyway..... oh god.
I know he was doing it satirically but still it's not something to be made fun of as it's a serious issue.
What are they stand up comedians, they start acting like idiots and spoony starts mimicking Gordon Ramsay during the blowjob scene saying stuff like "your doing it wrong" and other stuff that Gordon Ramsay say's. Im really disturbed by both of them as they use a game like this as humour which say's something about them mentally, what's next a video review of tentacle rape and crack jokes along the way. The worst thing about this event is that Benzaie compares sucking a dick to feeding a baby a bottle........ what the fuck is wrong with him. Is he one of those sick depraved fucks who watched a Serbian film, I mean what has this world come to. Part 1 and 2 were funny but I don't think the rest will be since it will be them two voicing over many sex scenes as that's not funny just disturbing. A few freak shows later and our journey has come to an end, anyhow if you want more of spoony at Finland then check out this guys YouTube videos as he uploaded some which spoony didn't record.

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Spoony in Finland and Couch (Pacific Rim) Plus More

Well it has been some time since spoony went to Finland and lets see what else he did other than the convention. He arrived at the airport talked to some Japanese guy and was being watched by a trash can with eyes. Before he left America he was already missing his dog, aww how sweet. There will also be alot of pics here to see so beware.
He probably misses raping it while no one is looking
9 hour flight, just hope he didn't rape anyone in the toilet
He compares himself to Edward Snowden, because we all know he leaked government secrets and is now getting butt raped by Russians right.
It seems that he didn't eat much while he was there but at least he got some Jaffa Cakes but it also seems that spoony one doesn't like to hear Japanese.
I also checked out one of his random image accounts, can't remember the websites name but I found these two odd pictures.
It seems that he is getting raped by CM Punk, didn't know spoony was gay like cinema snob but oh well they both have done drag at least once.
Mirror mirror on the wall who is the ugliest fuck of them all
Meanwhile on his trip he and his troll doll girlfriend were sexually provoking each other on twitter.... like they want everyone to get off on what they say.
Spoony also tried to do a spoony tries in esqe of brad tries but his camera overloaded so he didn't get to do it, oh yea he also didn't film anything to show us while he was there even though people expect him to. He did make some ugly shit fans day when he meet him on the street and took a pic,
You can land planes on his nose
While he was at the animecon a fan made him a toy of his dog, I guess he can shove that up his ass for pleasure.
Other than attending the con he didn't do much else that we know of, well he finally went home and nobody will miss him.
People have been getting angry at spoony and for good reason, he's not what he used to be.
He also had a weird dream.
Fucking idiot, what no Spirits within dream sequence
I don't think we wanted to know that
I checked my blog searches and it seems that people have entered some bizarre stuff and found this blog, there's some sick people in this world. Is this what final fantasy has become, just everybody's sexual fantasy. Well at the current rate the series is going it could be.

Noah & Miles See “Pacific Rim” or Couch
Spoony is the biggest idiot of them all, it all comes down to one nitpicking. He say's alot of stupid stuff but he does make some points, he say's that there isn't much variation between the robots and he is right. Brad and Angry Joe did not mention this as they praised the movie too much but Spoony had a low opinion of it so it's either too good or too bad for them. Spoony also say's that there also isn't much variation between the monsters and the fights and he's right again, he say's that there should have been more locations to fight in and right again but it's everything else he say's about the movie which really bugged me. Yea the movie is mostly based in Hong Kong which really brought it down for me as we should have saw more smaller fight scenes from around the planet. Just watch the video to see all the stupid stuff he say's because there is too much to mention here, he was drunk when he did this video so maybe that's why he was extra angry with the movie but no he wasn't as he said this on his twitter later on.
He's a bigger idiot than I thought he was, he even say's the movie title sucks even though it's called pacific rim for a reason dumb ass.
Spoony got a ton of hate for this video and brad compared it to himself getting hate for hating on man of steel, man of steel sucks big time by the way.
Here's what he said about the movie in short and he's wrong again, the movie isn't the best but it's still a great movie. I give it a 6.5 and that's the correct rating for it, even metacritic gave it 64% and that's truthfully the honest score for the movie taking in all that's good and bad about the film.
He then got angry on twitter.
Spoony also tried to pathetically back himself up on twitch tv, you can't even comment there which shows that he doesn't even want to hear what people have to say. He thinks that we are angry at him for some other reason and that we just vented our anger at him, yea he's an idiot. He also has removed that video from his twitch tv account because I can't find it and it seems to be gone.

Black Hole of Board Games: Isaac Asimov’s ROBOTS
This was a good funny video, he does self boast in this video though. He mentions his big fat cock which should give you all nightmares as he probably has all kinds of STD's by now. He boats that he built a robot by himself and he mentions that the first robot anyone would build would be for sexual purposes, well it seems he has got his priorities straight. Wait, then why didn't his first robot be some blowjob machine, you'd think spoony one was Japanese. Spoony also makes some bad red dwarf jokes again, red dwarf isn't even funny anyway.

On his twitter he has been saying some weird things and it involves weird Japanese pedophilia, it seems he has been playing some idol video game for 8 hours. I guess even the Japanese have infected him with there pediofileness, when will your freaky desires end Japan.
So what, spoony one is now a child molester. Maybe some of cinema snob rubbed off onto him.
Don't make me say I told you so if he has sex with underage girls, japan's really fucked up.
May god help us all